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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Holiday Gift Idea #1: Give the gift of fitness!!

The Holidays are approaching faster than a speeding sled! All the early snow and cold temperatures have a lot of Anchorage residents in a holiday frame of mind - of course, all the stores have had their Christmas tree displays up since BEFORE HALLOWEEN (am I totally dating myself to say I remember when none of it appeared until after Thanksgiving???? yikes). 

So, here is the first in a series of ideas for all the wonderful moms on your lists! Feel free to print and leave strategically on the counter where your special elves might find it. 

The Gift of Fitness. 

First of all, let's get rid of the notion that it is in any way rude, or presumptuous, or anything but thoughtful to give someone one of these gifts. Buying someone a gym membership does not mean you think they need to shed some pounds - it just means you love them enough to help smooth the path to increasing their health and wellness. It means you value this person and want to keep them around a good long while, strong and healthy and ready to play with the kids in their life. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

1. STROLLER STRIDES!!! It's me talking, after all, so of course this is at the top of my list. Already a member? Consider a gift for a new or expecting mom in your life! There are two Holiday Specials available this year (contact Chandra at to purchase): 
  • A five-class pass for only $25. These are not normally available - usually class passes come in a bunch of 10 and run $110 ($11/class). This is a great way to introduce someone to the program! Passes are available for purchase from now through the end of December.
  • Registration and three months of unlimited classes for only $120 ($240 value). Perfect for mothers of infants who are ready to get active again! 
2. Body Back - A fantastic new workout and nutrition plan for Every Mom!  Our first session will be limited to 10 moms and will begin January 4, 2012. Check HERE for more details on this exciting opportunity to make some tangible changes in how you look and feel this year! Contact Chandra at to register.

3. Plan a ski or snowshoe date (including childcare)! It would be soooo dreamy to have someone else figure out childcare for a few hours to spend with your spouse, partner or a good friend in the fresh air and fluffy snow! What a great way to burn some calories while having fun with someone you care about. This would be a great gift for YOU to give to your significant other AND YOURSELF.

4. Gift certificate to a yoga studio; check out Inner Dance Yoga Studio's new student special of any 3 classes for only $20.

5. Dance classes!!! This would be so amazing as a gift from a spouse or partner - honey are you listening? - especially if it came with a childcare solution already figured out! Check out the links at Dancing Fools for some ideas of class types and locations, from ballroom to Zumba.

6. Gym membership - at a location close to the office for working moms to get away on their lunch breaks or before/after their day, or a location with childcare options for moms who are with their kids during the day. 

7. Home exercise equipment. Beyond traditional options like stationary bikes or treadmills, there are also some fun electronic options such as a Wii, or X-Box Kinect, that the whole family can enjoy. 

8. Gift certificate to Skinny Raven, Sports Authority, (members don't forget your discount!), or another store or online retailer focusing on fitness gear and apparel. It is so much more fun to workout wearing cute and comfortable gear!! 

Hope this gives you a few ideas, would love to hear some more! Stay tuned for the next installment, focusing on some well-deserved pampering.

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