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Friday, October 28, 2011

Body Back - a new program for EVERY MOM.

I am SO very excited for the first formal session of Body Back to start in January. A group of five amazing women are making the journey alongside me right now through my first ever trial session so I could be absolutely certain to have everything ready for the first formal round. I have not been so in love with a fitness program since Stroller Strides. 

Let me be clear: Stroller Strides works. It is not only an effective and challenging workout but also provides so many social connections and so much support for moms with young children. Stroller Strides is the single reason that I am in better shape now than ever before in my life, it is the reason I keep having to buy new pants as the old ones just keep getting too loose. I continue to think of Stroller Strides as my first exercise love, and always will. 

Click here to visit the official Body Back website

Body Back fills another need, for moms with kids of any age - MOMS ONLY, taking care of themselves,  reclaiming or completely re-creating their bodies and recharging their spirits. It's kind of like having two mandatory Moms Night Out dates per week - you just sweat a lot more than you usually might :-)

Body Back is an eight-week program of group workouts featuring high intensity interval training, paired with the support and enthusiasm of 10 moms dedicated to making real changes in their fitness, strength, confidence and appearance. It works. 

We are only halfway through our trial session and are already seeing dramatic changes. There are plenty of online before/after photos on the official site; it is entirely different to see it happen firsthand and I will thrilled to take our own "after" photos later this month and share them. 
Each session is limited to 10 moms. We will begin with an orientation and timed mile on January 4, and will meet every Monday and Wednesday from January 9 - February 29 from 8-9pm. 

Cost for the 8-week session (Jan 9 - Feb 29): 
  • $250 for Stroller Strides moms
  • $275 for non-Stroller Strides moms
  • $200 for active military moms
This includes:
  • Two group workouts per week
  • Mama Wants her Body Back meal plan and food journal
  • Before and After fitness assessments and measurements
  • Online coaching and support 
  • Workout DVDs
  • Resistance band
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