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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Holiday Weight Maintenance Challenge 2011!!!

Goal:  To NOT gain any weight over the holiday season, from before Thanksgiving through the end of January.

1) Give us a $50 check made out to Alaska Mighty Moms LLC
2) Weigh-in on or before November 21st
3) Weigh-out before the end of January (last weigh out has to be done by 1/31/12)
If you do not gain weight over the holiday season, we will return your uncashed $50 check. We will allow a +/-1 lb. range this year.

If you do gain weight (more than 1 lb.), we will deposit your $50 check and it will be donated to a local charity selected by the group.

This is more fun with a big group!  Please invite spouses, friends, co-workers and family - feel free to ask people to do it with you!  Our goal is to NOT DEPOSIT any of these checks at the end of January.

Fine Print: 
  • Must be over 18 and not currently pregnant to participate.  
  • If you become pregnant during the challenge, we will return your check. 
  • Other than pregnancy, there are NO exceptions (e.g. injury, illness, laziness, forgetfulness, fractions of a pound, bloating, etc.) 
  • It is your responsibility to make it to weigh-out, so plan ahead and weigh-out early.  If you forfeit weigh-out, we will cash your check.
  • First and Final weigh-in must be done at the same time of day (morning or evening)
  • We are allowing for a 1 lb. weight gain ONLY.  Not 1.25 or 1.5 pounds and NOT your home scale reading.
  • We will keep your weight completely private, but you must weigh in/out on the official Stroller Strides scale. 
  • We will be bringing the scale to every class the week of November 14-19 so you can weigh-in either before or after Stroller Strides classes.  You can also make an appointment if you would prefer to come by Chandra's house at another time.
  • We will begin weigh-outs in early January.  You can check-in anytime you like during the month of January.  Once you hit your goal, we will return your check.  It's okay to weigh-out as many times as you need to during the month of January.  Please don't wait until the last day - our scale may read different than your home scale!!
  • This is not a weight loss challenge, just a fun way to keep ourselves on-track over the holiday season!  No bonus points for losing weight! 
If you have any questions email Chandra at or leave me a message at 1.888.605.7860

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