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Thursday, October 27, 2011

10,000 Strides Challenge, Nov-Dec 2011

CHANGE OF RULES: Non-Stroller Strides members who do not want to compete for the t-shirt DO NOT PAY the $15 registration fee. If all you want is motivation and bragging rights (the shirts, while lovely, are not very manly after all) just sign up for a team! SS mamas you can still register absolutely free and compete for the shirts. LET'S STRIDE!!!!

GOAL:  To walk 10,000 steps per day for one month.

PRIZE:  Everyone wins by ramping up their physical activity just as holiday temptations appear everywhere!  Extra bonus: Long-Sleeve thermal SS tees for the winning team!  

o   Join a team! Teams of 3 will select a team captain and team name.
o   Have a spouse, partner or other friend who is not in Stroller Strides who would like to join the challenge? Know someone who walks a lot who your really want on your team? Non-SS members are welcome to join the challenge for $15. OR join for free if not interested in winning a t-shirt as a prize - still get great bragging rights!
o   Wearing a pedometer*, you will track how many steps you take each day.
o   Team captain emails the total steps walked by the team each week to Chandra.

Think 10,000 steps sounds like a lot?  You may be surprised to learn how many steps you walk each day already.  You will wear the pedometer from the time you get up in the morning, until you go to bed at night- including Stroller Strides class! This competition is about TOTAL STEPS taken each day.

*Pedometers can be purchased at many local stores for under $20; pedometer apps for smart phones can be used for this activity as well. Please read the directions and calibrate to your stride for accuracy!

The Challenge will begin on Monday, Nov. 7th and end on Wednesday, Dec. 7.

Getting started:
  • Complete a 10,000 Strides Challenge registration form and return to Chandra no later than Friday, Nov. 4th. Forms will be available in class or via email at your request.
  • Select your team- if you need help finding a team, just let me know! 
  • Get to know your team mates and select a team captain and team name
  • Email Team Name and Team Members to by Friday, Nov. 4th
  • Talk with your team mates and exchange phone numbers, plan some group walks, and be prepared to encourage each other along the way!   

Get a team together or we will match you up with others who want to participate, and let's get Striding!!! 

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