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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sisterhood in Motherhood

The phrase “Sisterhood in Motherhood” is one of the slogans of the program, featured on my favorite Stroller Strides t-shirt. Talking with some of the moms at class tonight got me thinking about why Stroller Strides makes such a difference in the lives of so many moms with young children. There are so many parts of the program that make it much more than a way to reclaim (or surpass) a pre-baby body. 

This is the key: I was talking with other moms. Because that is what we have the opportunity to do at every class: talk, sweat, laugh and share with other women. I have found some of my best friends in Stroller Strides classes, and simply can’t imagine my life without it. Can’t say that I have ever felt that way about a gym.

There are clearly other options for getting in a workout, even as a new mom, but I don’t know of any other place where you will be sweating with a bunch of other women who GET IT. Every one of us has been sleep deprived, every one of us has felt unsure of what to do with a whole life we are suddenly in charge of. We have dealt with our babies’ poop, puke, spit, snot, and pee. We have had our clothes redecorated for us by any or all of the above, and witnessed spectacular food art created as our little bundles of joy fling their food every which way. We have felt the frustrations – and we have felt the joy. We have watched our little ones sleeping and had our hearts melt. We have marveled at their soft skin, little fingers, and that amazing and indefinable baby smell.  We have been filled with more love than we ever thought possible.

The value in working out together, putting yourself out there and making the effort to increase your fitness and set a shining example for your babies – TOGETHER – can’t really be overstated. Knowing that you are going to get great exercise and the camaraderie of other moms with shared goals is an amazing motivator.  It becomes more than a workout, as you start building a strong support network. Coming for your workout is also coming to see friends. One thing I have learned for certain: women who sweat together, stay together. That is a sisterhood I love to be part of.

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